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Documentation of a villa comprises of two parts
1- On allotment amount and a builders contract will be executed between the builder and the purchaser, one for sale of land and another one for construction of villa. Though separate considerations are specified in each agreement, composite value of land and construction will be shown in the payment schedule. Necessary citations to this effect are given in the agreements.
2- The sale deed of land will be registered in favor of the purchaser on receipt of the entire payment of land, documentation charges, registration charges and incidental expenses for the registration of the sale deed will be paid by the buyer.

Payment schedule
Registration amount of Rs.100000/- to be paid at the time of booking.

1) 25% of value:- within 30 days PDC from the booking date the property will be register on your name. (Registration charges and other levies exclusive.)
2) 20% of value:- within 60days PDC from registration (foundation will be complete before cheque realization.)
3) 25% of value:- within 150days PDC.(building structure will be complete for cheque realization.)
4) 15% of value:-. Within 210days PDC from registration(plastering and painting will be complete before cheque realization)
5) 10% of value:- within 300days PDC from registration (interiors and furnishing will be complete before cheque realization.)
6) 5% of value:- within 390days PDC from registration.( cheque will be presented only the Key handing over)

Once allotted and agreement is signed the price charged will be constant under all Circumstances.

Payments should be made by way of demand draft or by cheques favoring Tree G Builders & Developers, Manjeri payable at Manjeri.

The below mentioned payments are to be borne by the purchaser Stamp duty, Building Tax and Statutory charges (Viz. Deposit for electric Connection / Water connection/ Sales Tax/ Contribution to workers welfare Fund) if any levied by the Government.

1 - Architectural fees and other additional construction expenses have to be borne by the purchaser if the purchaser requires modification in redesigning the area and model of the villa subject to the approval of the builder.

Possession shall be given only to the customer after effecting full payments to the builder.

Construction of building will be completed with in a period of 18 months from the date of remittance of second payment ie. 2nd installment viz 20% of the cost of of villa.

Tree G Builders & Developers reserve the right to accept or reject any application For villas without any reason.

Owners Association by name “Morning Dews villas society “will be formed on handing over the villas/row houses. The owners Association will carry out the complete maintenance and repairs of exclusive Common facilities. Deposits for Morning Dews villas society has to be paid by each customer for its smooth functioning and the said deposit collected will be handed over to the authorities of the owners association when the project under reference is finalized. Owners Association will be formed after Handing over possession of the land to the customer. Membership in the society of Morning Dews Villas is compulsory and not optional at any coast. The referred society will carry out all necessary routine and annual maintenance and repairs to common area of the ownership, common facilities, payment of electrical and water charges for all common facilities and services. Maintenance charges/ deposits are to be paid by each owner regularly and timely for smooth function.

Morning Dews Tea Garden Villas is a time bound project. In case payments are not received as per agreement signed the builder reserves the right to cancel the allotment. The advance amount received in this context will be returned only after re allotment to another party with out any interest after deducting the expenses incurred for allotment of villas subject to the duly completion of term no.1

All measurement and specifications given elsewhere in this brochure are subject to minor variations without specific or general notice. All such variations / alterations shall be purely at the discretion of the builders. The information contained herein does not form part of the contract and is subject to change with out any notice. This brochure does not constitute a legal offer.

All disputes are subject to Manjeri jurisdiction only and the term “Force majors” applies to all the above referred terms and conditions.
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