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Sl No: Particulates Area Specifications  
I Floor Tiles Living & Dining 2’ x 2’ Rustic tiles
Bedrooms Wooden Flooring
Kitchen 2’ x 2’ Rustic tiles
Balcony -
Terrace -
II Toilet tiles Toilet 1’ x 1’ Rustic tiles  
III CP Fittings Toilet -  
Kitchen -

IV Water closets Toilet Cascade EWC with P trap white in colour  

V Wash Basin Dining Short pedestal  
Toilet Wall hang
VI Electrical Switches -  
VII Paint Exterior Weather coat antifungal  
Interior Emulsion

VIII Roof - Clay tile  
  GI Sheet  
IX Foundation - -  
X Super structure   All walls with 20cm hollow block
/ Brick masonry

XI Doors   Main door and out door  
XII Windows   Aluminum / UPVC & Glass  
XIII Wall cladding   Texture paint /Grey granite  
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